Faith and Imagination in Uncertain Times mit Stephen Batchelor

Die Veranstaltung ist bereits vorbei.

In Englisch ohne Übersetzung Faith and imagination are two key virtues to be cultivated in dharma practice: faith provides the courage and motivation to address life’s challenges fearlessly, while imagination liberates us from fixed views and enables new possibilities to present themselves as responses to those challenges. This talk will offer a secular Buddhist approach to faith and imagination as a way to confront the experience of confinement and isolation during the current pandemic as well as the prospect of social and environmental crises as a result of the climate emergency. Bezahlen können Sie über diesen Link bei Paypal: oder auf unser Bankkonto: IBAN-Nr:DE 53430 60967 11338 34901 Zoom-Meeting beitreten Meeting-ID: 815 4409 1968 Kenncode: Faith

Veranstaltungsort: Buddhistische Akademie Berlin Brandenburg | Heidenheimer Str. 27, 13467 Berlin
Art: Online-Angebote
Referent: Stephen Batchelor
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